miongering101.wordpress.com is created by the pseudonym miongkey from Philippines. The blog features the author’s creative writing of various original literary pieces that deal with a range of topics woven into his personal style of knitting a story with simple words, but vivid enough to demonstrate the facet of human existence in different states of being. Most of these are products of his “miongering” as he coined such word synonymous to the terms “pondering” and “meandering” for the purpose of discernment. Hence, MIONGering101 is the author’s personal subject of studying his own life by tapping his consciousness and translating it into his reality of feeling, thinking, and doing – like a way of life.

Some of miongkey ‘s literary works are as follows:

Free Verse Poems is a compilation of free-verse poems written with no structure or form, and closely associated with free-flowing expression under a natural speech pattern.

Formal Verse Poems is a compilation of Japanese poems known for their brevity. Both Haiku on the thematic focus of nature and Senryu on the thematic focus of human nature respectively follow a certain structure or form.

Insights is a compilation of nuggets of wisdom learned from his real experiences in life throughout his journey to the inner space. His insights in sight come in various thematic points.

Ms.PeaBrain ‘s Just Saying… is a compilation of second- hand quotes spinning with a twist of wit and humour as they present another essential point of meaning like a second thought. The quotes are presented under the point of view of #Ms.PeaBrain (Ms.PB), a fictional character who is a living paradox of both stupidity and intelligence.

Persona is a compilation of biographical entries featuring real, ordinary people whom he met, dealt and found interest in their personalities. As a tribute, he writes their stories with personal relevance under his limited point of view.

Personal Essays is a compilation of narrative writings that cite various accounts of his personal experiences to point out a lesson of significant meaning or of his personal opinion to highlight concern or interest on something worthy of attention.

Anecdotes is a compilation of  his real, personal, brief, narrative accounts of an interesting and amusing incident worthy of sharing, and pondering.

Memoir is a compilation of creative non-fiction compositions with significant personal meaning and universal truth.

Additionally, photos and videos used here as an accompaniment to several writings are taken and owned by miongkey, and some of these are edited through a mobile photo editor app support like Typist and PicsArt. On the other hand, the Rebalance theme template from Automattic is used for the blog design, and the photo of Sunset 2007 by Alvesgaspar from Wikimedia Commons for the blog background.

Lastly, for the readers and viewers who want to reach out to the author of this blog for any inquiry, feedback or concern, you can contact and follow at:  emilsuyat@gmail.com .