Zombies from “The Walking Dead” or other horror movies tend to take their place in the real world nowadays. They have, in fact, found their territorial domain below Ortigas flyover at a particular time zone starting dusk until before quarter to midnight. Aside from this, some other crowds are also spotted in various areas with the same calling, as if they are being conditioned to follow the vibration leading them to that assembly.

Though Zombies as they are known to be, they aren’t harmful and they don’t definitely rip off your bloody flesh into pieces. They only aim to hibernate in their respective dwelling to give them the power to resurrect for another day. Otherwise, this can be a threat to their existence. Thus, their plight is a race of getting a rectangular four-wheel mobile machine that can transport them to their point of destination, so they can end up recharging earlier and longer at their own hide-out. While aiming so, they have to surpass the hurdle of falling in a long line with endurance until they come face to face with their turn and be ready with the four-silvers-and-one-gold token as a pass for a ride to Zombieland. 

Consequently, around this time, the vehicles can be limited in numbers and may not accommodate the rising population of the Zombies. Some of these creatures become restless and they end up losing their control and trying to overtake somebody’s turn which can result to total chaos. Some remain controlled in their behavior as long as they feed their senses to do something that pleases them while keeping them preoccupied or detached from their situation. 

Meanwhile, these mobile machines that transport the Zombies into their drop off point, most of the time, also pile up on a never-ending trail which is indicated by series of red-light dots forming straight lines in unison. When this happens, each mobile machine can end up moving and halting at an interval which can infuriate the weary or sleepy creatures inside. Regardless of the circumstance at hand, each machine continues to take its way to bring the Zombies to their drop off point. Once dispersed from their various drop off points, these Zombies walk towards their distinctive zone coordinates until they finally arrive at their individual niches. By this time, they unload their baggage, feed their hunger, quench their thirst, preserve their flesh, and rest their low-power brain for a little while until they are ready to go into their own silence.

Accordingly, these rising new-breed species are known to hibernate for some time until you find familiar faces with similar circumstance at a common time in the same rendezvous again like a Déjà vu. #(6/23/2016)


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