A BIRD IN A CAGE – It’s a living symbol reflective of a man who is cooped within the small structured world crafted by the hands of human civilization where its builders made him to believe that it’s the only place there is. In the same way, this man has been impelled to believe that his feet are meant to stand still on the same ground, but not to trail and advance to different roads and directions of a bigger world that exists, and that his eyes are meant to fix his vision on what’s within the border of the handmade world, but not what’s beyond the unknown. For a while, this man has defined himself in a manner he’s made to believe and tries himself to make sense of the world he’s in. Until a voice has come to knock at the door of his mind patiently at every silent night of his slumber, whispering soundly in his reoccurring dream about his true calling into the world beyond -bigger than what is – waiting for his coming, the man’s awakened and he’s revealed with a greater sense of purpose to his existence. Like the bird in a cage that is meant to live above and beyond the vastness of the outside space, this man’s innate personal legend awaits of his true becoming to discover another wild, wide world where he is called to live worthy of freedom and all the good there is, not within the reach of the hostile hands of the builders of the same small space that limit him in fulfilling his own destiny.

A BIRD IN A CAGE – It has defined my state of being for a while. That’s who I have always been for the passing years of my existence in this world. In the context of my social environment and the kind of people and culture I came from and lived with, I was passed on with a writing stone tablet revealing a guide to the way of life of the world I grew up with. Having such handed-down legacy from one generation to another, I was taught to live my life based on what was practiced, valued, and believed by the common and the many, with no or little knowledge and no right to question as to how it came into existence and who its source was, or as to what significant effect it could bring to the true nature of my own human dynamics – whether or not it would be a threat to my existence and growth. Like a bird in a cage that had lost its identity to be free and its capability to fly, I was also conditioned to be the man based from the expectation and influence set by the mastermind of my society’s standards, while consequently losing, pieces by pieces, the person I really am in each passing day. There was a blind-spot on the truth that I naturally wear my distinct zebra-striped cloak from the day I was born into the light, as much as others do. For such truth, each of us should be defined with freedom to choose how we could make sense of our own lives in fulfilling our unique possibilities without having to close the doors and build some walls between our world and the outer regions of the bigger world. In that way, like everyone else, I could find the path of my own becoming and reach the fullness of my existence to enjoy the bare-nakedness of my true being with self-identity, self-freedom, and self-worth. Such hasn’t come into reality even up to now, while each of us – the enlightened ones – has tried to break the chain in our own little way individually – not communal. While this cause has always been existed in our conscious minds and hearts, it is still part of the vision of the future where only the hands of tomorrow could touch the arms of this new world we have sought and yearned for.

A BIRD IN A CAGE – That’s who I will not be for all the remaining days of my life. Aside from the predictable story of the prisoned bird that might come face to face with death anytime soon for losing its will to live at the little space built to coop its existence within the boundary of the metal cage for the sake and pleasure of the builder of the cage, the hunter of the bird, and the keeper of the bird and the cage, I’d like to believe another side of its story, regardless whether it’s a matter of chance, of coincidence, of circumstance, or of what not, that the bird in the cage would, one day, find its way to freedom – Getting out of the cage…Tossing its feet and jumping at an interval… Looking for the right spot…Waiting for the right timing…Spreading its wings as wide as it can for the first time again…Then, starting to fly once again and soaring high within the vast blue sky from mountain to mountain down to the lowland…And, enjoying the view of a free world – its new home – in the company of some other birds as they are freely playing and dancing together with the wandering wind beneath their wings. #(6/18/2016)


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