Waste not the hours of today –
The present is all you have; Now’s the day!
Seize it; Life reaps the good labor for making hay.
Likewise, play with it; Laughter’s a good pay.

Once the day is over, it’s written in a stone with unbroken chain.
Trying to break both stone and chain is to torture yourself and live in vain.
Rather, count ahead of what’s to come as you enjoy dancing in the rain;
After all, there’s more to life than being a prisoner of rue and pain.

I say to you, for your own good, measure not the immeasurable;
For if you do, your stronghold of life becomes feeble.
And the pillar, to which your life stands, drifts like a bubble.
Instead, take the advice to measure only what’s measurable.

Seek, but don’t hide ; Put all worries aside and take all risks along your stride.
Open, but don’t close ; Hit the road and enjoy the ride.
Move on, but don’t hold on; Life goes on, though some realities bite.
Tie the knot, but don’t entrap. Engage your life and marry Time like she’s your bride.


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