(1st) I profess my new-found love for you – naturally growing…

(2nd) Like those wild flowers blossom with burst of colors in the time of May.

(3rd) As they dance and bend with grace to the touch of the wind-wanderer,

(4th) Let my pronouncement of love lay a hand on these written words consequently swaying in rows.

(5th) Before my eyes are hopes and invitations,

(6th) That I may see your footsteps advancing towards the wide field of wild flowers.

( 7th) In the same field, my dear, I am standing still, with my arms wide-open, waiting for your coming.

(8th) One wish is not too much to ask for, after all.

(9th) Let the will of your heart direct your hands to pick those wild flowers with all your gusto.

(10th) I proclaim my new-found love for you.

(11th) And, if I may ask, my dear,

(12th) “Will you take those wild flowers home with you?” or better if I ask,

(13th) “Will you take my love into the home of your heart?”



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