You’re my masterpiece, not in my own keeping.
Though you’re not created from my own hands,
Your beauty’s born from my own eyes.
My vision’s not made to see, 
But, to open the window of your soul.
As the prophecy once manifested
to the chosen one in a dream,
So did your existence to me
like a flash of light 
emanating from the Giver of Life
descended upon here.
Then, there you came out 
in a form of flesh made of earth’s dust,
and of soul made of heaven’s blaze. 
As such, you had been called
to walk through life’s edges,
and to find comfort
in a place where you belonged. 
You finally found it…
Not knowing that you built your home
right within the space of my heart.
And, your home became my home, too.
But, it’s neither yours nor mine to own;
It belonged to Life itself. 
So, we agreed to live in harmony
with its grace while it lasted.
There’s joy forever 
in every moment with you.
Yet, forever’s not enough. 
We, too, had to part.
Like the story of the last leaf 
that lost its grip
from the hand of a tree 
in one autumn day,
So came your time 
to depart throughout all seasons
from my sight
as Life took back what’s his.
Your clock stopped ticking;
Mine kept on running in circles.
Alone as the silent night,
and lonely as the gloomy sky,
I tried to live my life again.
It was never the same.
Separation with you meant death to me.
Only a fool would think 
I could live without you.
Yet, I chose to be a fool, too, 
who wanted nothing
more than a feast with the grim reaper
celebrating my last breath 
in order to be with you…again.
Yes, this very day!
My day’s no ordinary.
I painted my room red
as my heart turned pale – consequently.
Then, I saw myself lying cold on the floor.
And, at the corner, I saw you all aglow.
You reached me through your arms.
Together, we held our hands.
And, we walked through the silvery light…


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