Amidst the evolution of human existence
to the revolution of human civilization,
There was This Child once –
One of its kind with pureness of heart –
who secluded himself
from the twists and turns of the earth.
Thru the passing of many kings’ reign,
The Child remained in slumber,
tranquil with its purity left untouched
from the hands of time and space,
Like a precious stone
worthy of its value and antiquity,
but hidden and buried
underneath the earth.
Not known to all mankind of his time,
to the eyes of all the rulers,
and even to the will of change,
The Child was waiting for his reborn.
Such was his inevitable fate
to follow what was foretold in his dream:
To act upon his calling
in saving humanity
in the beginning of a new era.
It’s his destiny to return with purpose
in one fateful day as prophesied.

On the verge of chaos in everything…

Where the earth trembled
and cracked heavily;
Where the fire from the earth’s depth
flowed out and meandered
to the edges of its cracks unstoppably;
Where the sky cried and roared mightily;
Where the wind wrestled and clashed
with the vast ocean violently,



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