There are many reasons to be thankful for in every single day…

To THANK GOD FOR ANOTHER DAY as you wake up and live today;
To see the beauty of sunrise and the scenery around;
To energize yourself with healthy food;
To laugh with old friends and make new friends;
To share happy moments with your family;
To professionally grow in a day’s work;
To enrich your soul with human virtues;
To make up with your mistakes;
To improve your weaknesses;
To take a day’s step in reaching your dream;
To try again and get away from where you fail;
To forgive;
To say sorry;
To face your fear;
To enlighten your mind with wisdom and truth;
To learn and understand the dynamics of humanity;
To acknowledge your ignorance without losing your integrity;
To accept your limitations, yet hopeful to conquer your possibilities;
To discover and embrace both the reality and the irony of life with no second thought;
To challenge and endure the twists and turns of circumstances at any cost;
To mature in your day-to-day experience;
To inspire others by how you live;
To love and be loved;
To heal your pain and overcome your loss;
To let go and move on;
To enjoy doing your likes and interests with great delight;
To rest and relax;
To plan and think for your future, but mindful of the present;
To reflect with your insights; and

See…there are pockets of blessings to count in just a day.


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